Messages from The Universe

You’ve told us you wanted to help others,
to be their day at the beach.
You always have that chance.
Suit up and arrive in your finest support.
We’ve got your back.
The Universe (12.15.13)

Have you caught a glimpse
of just how perfectly choreographed everything is?
We are so grateful that you helped with the design
so we’ve provided the shoes.
Enjoy the harmony and keep dancing,
The Universe (12.16.13)

You think you’re just a speck in the big scheme of things?
Au contraire!
You are actually the most speck-tacular there is in your category,
and we’ve given you all you will ever need to continue to be perfect in every way, on any day.
Unleash your inner groovy-ness,
The Universe (12.17.13)

Did you hear that?
Neither did we.
That’s the silence of serenity.
Step in, quietly relax, and feel it.
We love sending it to you… in large doses.
The Universe (12.18.13)

Every message is a miracle.
You’re not sure?
Look a little deeper, it’s all there,
and we mean every episode of every series.
Watch for it; we’re streaming live.
The Universe (12.19.13)

Did you suspect that sign was from us?
You were right.
We send them all the time and thank you for noticing.
Keep all your devices on and the volume up,
The Universe (12.20.13)

Still searching for that perfect gift?
You already have it…inside.
It is yours and free for you to share; sparkly, shiny, and brand new.
We gave it to you so you can give it away.
Re-gifting is encouraged here,
The Universe (12.21.13)

Very cool that you’ve seen a greater need
and have helped out more than usual this season.
Felt pretty good, huh?
Please note: To us, you are the glittery and shimmering holiday.
Jingle all the way,
The Universe (12.22.13)

Rushing, bustling, getting together, tick tock tick tock.
You seriously want this to hurry up and be over?
Stop. Breathe. Collect your thoughts
and enjoy the calm we sent you via Insta-Peace.
We get so excited watching you create your forever-memories,
then we laugh when you finally realize, “that was easy”.
Shine on you crazy diamond,
The Universe (12.23.13)

Oh, the prep, the pursuit, and the promise.
You’re almost there and we have so loved your achievements.
But first, pat yourself on the back for all the greatness that is you.
Let’s get this party started,
The Universe (12.24.13)

So, are you feeling the love today?
Of course you are. You’ve worked extra hard to create this specialness.
Just a reminder, you’ve always had it…in spades;
the love and specialness, that is.
Your being-ness is our merriness, happiness, and joy-ness.
We’re smiling next to you,
The Universe (12.25.13)

Get gobs of groovy gifts yesterday?
We’re always sending you rad stuff as well;
tools, materials, and goodies with which to make improvements.
Your talents are mind-blowing and your potential is so unlimited.
Let’s build something together,
The Universe (12.26.13)

What’s faster than a flipped switch,
is created from love, and always results in miracles?
Let’s talk about power. It’s today’s buzzword, and you have it.
It comes in unlimited amounts for all your achievements.
Your power is free with no monthly bills, and there’s never a blackout.
It is a gift from us, through you, and you are always connected.
You really turn us on,
The Universe (12.27.13)

We see that you’ve recently been living life with a bit more gusto.
Is today the calm before the storm or the calm after the storm?
You choose; before, or after…calm, or storm,
or none of the above.
Whatever your weather, we’ve got you covered.
It’s a beautiful day in the neighborhood,
The Universe (12.28.13)

Did we mention that we take requests?
You have one? Done.
Our service department processes and
delivers your miracles before you even ask.
There’s no song we can’t play and no job too big or too small.
Hello, it’s Me,
The Universe (Mine 12.29.13)

Your invention of time has turned out to be a lovely way to measure change.
But then you’ve all been the creative genius in this family.
Since there is no time here, your requests are granted instantly.
However, you may take as much time as you need to realize that we have done our job.
You just now blinked? Yeah, we just handled a bunch more.
Maintain that Peaceful Easy Feeling,
The Universe (12.30.13)

You feel the need to reflect today? Let us help you. You have been,
Beloved, brilliant, benefited, balanced, brave, busy, blissful,
beneficial, broadminded, brotherly, blessed, bright,
bold, believable, brainy, benevolent, blameless,
and beautiful.
Now, please breathe.
The Universe (12.31.13)

Welcome back, my friends, to the show that never ends.
Behold another today where it is so crisp and brand new
and you are encouraged to create your perfect future:
where your unrestrained creativity is your calling card
and you will know us by all the magic, beauty,
and love you see and feel.
We will be with you for the next 365, just like we were for the last
and will continue to be your unending source through the smiles, hugs,
and words of others, and every song you hear.
It’s really quite a remarkable system; you and us.
Be amazed,
The Universe (01.01.14)

You may think that today is the 2nd, and it is. It is also the first.
It is the first of a limitless number of more. More what?
More of your screaming-hot ambitions coming to life;
more of a chance to revive that passion of newness from yesterday;
more of whatever you want to manifest, provide, or be.
More remarkable expressions of your unlimited greatness,
which is enhanced today, then more again tomorrow, and forward.
More than words. Just ask us.
Be sure to use every crayon in the box,
The Universe (01.02.14)

What’s in your forever? Peace of mind? Happiness? Wisdom?
We don’t measure time here, so how you define forever is only yours.
But even that is temporary because forever simply applies
to “right now” and tomorrow your forever will be for just tomorrow.
You also had a forever yesterday, and it’s entirely possible
that yesterday’s spilled over and became today’s,
even though technically, yesterday’s forever is forever done.
It’s all very interconnected, and you are handling it beautifully…
Minute by minute,
The Universe (01.03.14)

One four, 1, 4, one-four, one for….
One for you and one for you, and you, and you, and you…
One for all and all for one; one for now and one for later.
One for luck, one for good measure, one for keeps, and one for love.
Today is one/four/one-four. We love that you are one of, and one for…
What can we do one of for you?
Update your status to the oneness of us,
The Universe (01.04.14)

Who do you think you are?
I created you as perfect as there ever was;
freakin’ flawless and lacking nothing…nada…zilch.
So please, never say anything negative about yourself;
it hurts my feelings.
With perfection and grace, and a smile on my face,
The Universe (01.05.14)

While you are pondering the what-ifs of 2014,
we want to remind you that your tool kit is fully equipped
for all your earthly business. You’ve got the devices to repair
anything, to ease the difficulties, and for letting those
unpleasantries just slide away (you know, kind of like duct tape,
WD-40, and Teflon). You’ve had these since before day one
and can now make your stuff perfect and excellent again.
You can do it, we can help,
The Universe (01.06.14)

Although you have always been a senior associate, the
Expansion of Love Commission has recommended you
for a promotion and we’re all thumbs-up with that.
It appears that you now have many new protégés actively seeking
your guidance. Yes, other people really DO look up to you!
It’s groovy that you’ve arrived at the place where everyone
loves your cause. Remember, it’s always Us and them.
High five,
The Universe (01.07.14)

It’s too bad I don’t make t-shirts here.
If I did, you would want the only style I’d make;
the one that reads, “It’s good to be me”.
Because if you think about it,
it really is so good to be you.
It’s good to be Me too,
The Universe (1.08.14)

To Whom it may Concern:
We have an ongoing assignment for you.
Your mission, should you decide to accept it,
is a reality-based, mind-blowing show-stopper;
one that will amplify your existence to epic proportions:
*Realize and share your exceptional significance.* Seriously.
Grab the remote,
The Universe (01.09.14)

Welcome to the café of life.
Our blue plate special today is participation;
a simple dish, yet an essential part of the for-life-group.
We like to call it soul food as it is seasoned with experiences for growth,
is best when shared with others, and served with love.
Bring your willingness to the table, say an amazing grace, and dig in.
Remember, you CAN have your cake and participate too.
Bon appétit,
The Universe (01.10.14)

Happy Saturday!
Remember that thing you wanted to do?
Yeah, well, today’s the day.
I’ve already penciled you into the plan
(‘cause that’s what you and I agreed to),
so shriek like a child in amazement and
go create some memories.
Just do it (and enjoy),
The Universe (01.11.14)

Thank you for noticing those memorable folks who entered your life;
you know, the ones that you weren’t so sure about.
Well, I’m sure about them since you and I discussed this earlier.
They were there for you and you were there for them and
usually the reason why is not too obvious at the time.
Every one of them has left a spiritual cookie in your
learning center; all of them. Think about it. See?
I love how you all interconnect.
And thank you for noticing how much I love you too,
The Universe (01.12.14)

Do you really believe there is a time when you are not creating?
Nope, it’s an always-thing…thinking, speaking, and doing, because
being creative is your aliveness at its most heightened expression.
So that’s why we’re here: we just constantly create. That’s all we do.
We created you perfectly in our image and likeness, so creating is
all you do too. Constantly. And, the simple act of experiencing
love is the most massive blast of creativity there ever was.
Aren’t you just so blown away by that feeling you get when you create?
Yeah. That’s why we do it too.
Who knew?
The Universe (01.13.14)

My contact info:
Simply stop, focus, and direct your thoughts towards me.
Or, using your phone number, send me a text or leave me a voicemail.
Email me, using your address.
I promise, I’ll get it. I get all of it.
I love hearing from you,
The Universe (01.14.14)

Have we told you lately what an excellent job you are doing? You are.
Now, we’re going to send you some more new stuff
(well, at least new to you). So fear not, because “new” is what you do
best and “stuff” really puffs up your skills. We marvel at how this
inside job of ours seems to be working out so perfectly for both of us;
not almost, and not just sometimes…all the way, all the time.
Look at you, being the boss with benefits!
The Universe (01.15.14)

I don’t mean to get all mental and serious today, but we need
to talk about your ego: it IS a good thing. In fact, if I installed it,
it’s not only good, but it’s also necessary. It makes you, you;
a unique individual. It’s part of your free will, and is the designer
of your independent thinking. Without your ego, you would not exist…
and that would really flip me out. So, as long as you, your ego,
and I are all in harmony, you are dialed in. In other words,
maintain your BFF connection to me, and no one gets hurt.
You truly are such a big deal,
The Universe (01.16.14)

Oh, what inspiring stuff happens on Fridays…especially here!
Take the time to dance wildly,
and to belt out a song from the depth of your soul.
Add more cowbell for good measure, and perform in your perfect day.
Can you even believe how enormous this life stuff is?
Yeah, you’re doing it right,
The Universe (01.17.14)

Your reality is shattered into a million pieces. Every sense is
intensified and every emotion becomes huge and all the music
was created just for you. You’re more alive than at any other time,
and the time that this lasts matters not to its depth because you
will remember it forever. You are in love.
Go with it; that’s why you are here.
Living by example,
The Universe (01.18.14)

Certain sounds elicit certain thoughts and feelings….
and so does silence. Just a quick reminder that we are always
contacting you; simply listen and feel.
Yep, that’s us; no judgment, and with love and admiration.
Endlessly unfolding in your honor,
The Universe (01.19.14)

Peace, acceptance, and no regard for differences;
celebrate your freedom and your willingness to be willing
to consider the perspective of others with whom you are one…
which is that of everyone else who resides on the big blue marble.
You are the answer to the question,
The Universe (01.20.14 ~ MLK Day)

Thank you for covering me in your blanket of devotion:
It intensifies my adoration of your life.
Actually, your life is the reason I keep going, and going, and going;
that, and because others adore you as well.
I’m everywhere you want to be,
The Universe (01.21.14)

They call you extreme? Risky? Intense?
(And someone even whispered, “radical”?) Ignore it.
You, my child, are a creative badass…with searing-hot concepts.
But here, we like to refer to you as passionate.
Yep, and if that’s your chosen approach then you’re quite likely
to be living your life with much more gusto than most;
boldly and courageously claiming your turf …
and willing to accept responsibility.
You put more out and you get more back; that’s just what you do.
Actually, we totally love that about you; so play it out to the end.
Passionate? You know who you are.
Hey babe, take a walk on the wild side,
The Universe (01.22.14)

Kind of like a public service announcement,
we’d like to take this time out to thank you
for all the good you did yesterday.
You know that person you helped?
Well, it may not have been a big thing to you,
but it sure as heck meant the world to them. Seriously.
Your time, concern, and understanding was a true show of compassion.
We love that about you.
Thank you for sharing,
The Universe (01.23.14)

Look, you’re all just trying to get by, right? Or are you?
Just “getting by” will make you restless…
maybe even resentful. So get by, big.
No, wait… make it REALLY BIG.
Make it so huge that it counts more than anything;
so ginormous that everyone riding on this rock will always
know about it; so neither you, nor anyone else, will ever forget it.
Yeah, make it that big.
So come up with a grand plan and get some recognition,
‘cause that’s why you chose to go there. See? You got this.
Bigger is better,
The Universe (01.24.14)

Do you have any clue as to how hugely essential you are to me?
Yeah, it blows me away too.
I cannot explain this love in words, so perhaps you can just feel it.
This is also why there is no end, nor will there ever be, to me…
or you.
Same as it ever was,
The Universe (01.25.14)

Let’s practice accepting compliments:
Me: You are perfect.
You: Thank you.
End of practice.
*Note: Any other response from you insults my creativity,
my opinion, and/or my intelligence. Trust me; I feel these things.
Own it,
The Universe (01.26.14)

Connect (from the Dictionary of The Universe)
Con-nect [kuh-nekt] -verb- (used with an object):
1. to be the guest of honor in another’s life, and they in yours.
2. usually an unexpected experience of bonding that
imprints a memory which lasts a lifetime.
3. that moment when your soul is slammed with the realization
that there is so much more to this than just the two of you.
(Use it in a sentence and *feel* for it today.)
There’s no sensation to compare with this,
The Universe (01.27.14)

Can you imagine if all that crap you are experiencing and
not liking right now is the prep for something
hugely extraordinary and wonderful?
It is. Watch for it.
Invisibly unfolding,
The Universe (01.28.14)

Once you actually decide to change a situation
(because you can, you know), the resources show up
in the blink of an eye and become your change.
For instance, have you noticed that once you simply resolve to be
more loving, you immediately receive great expressions of love
from the most unexpected sources? Yeah, your decision created that.
Try it out and have fun with it.
Watch me pull a rabbit out of my hat,
The Universe (01.29.14)

Please, grab this one-day-at-a-time thing with your entire being.
This is such a hugely powerful insight to finally get how perfect
today can be by setting yesterday aside and placing tomorrow on hold.
*Right now* has become so gigantic and significant and the delight in
experiencing it has just exploded since you now know the power of
Blowing minds on a daily basis,
The Universe (01.30.14)

Letting go may just be the key
but it seems that lately your *control* gear has been locked.
Unlock it now (because eventually you’ll have to).
Dispose of the fear, release the mental debris,
and joyfully watch what the hell ravels back into perfect alignment.
Odds are that you will very soon be relocating out of Crazytown.
Moving right along,
The Universe (01.31.14)

Welcome to your month of love!
I’m so happy that you take one-twelfth of the year to
recognize what you truly are…pure love.
You see where I’m going with this?
You are not one-twelfth love; you are twelve-twelfths love.
Perhaps you could really amp it up, pour more out, REALLY love your
life and a few more people, build up a reserve, and carry it out
for the remaining eleven months. Yeah, do that.
Twelve times the power of now? The energy would be off the charts!
Love the one you’re with (and all the others too),
The Universe (02.01.14)

May the love in your heart
leave as the song on your lips
and reach the soul of the one you love.
The Universe (02.02.14)

Whether you know it or not, someone loves you so much.
YOU are their dream, their life, their constant thought,
their everything. Consider, respect, and honor them.
Whole heartedly,
The Universe ( 02.03.14 AND 06.10.14)

Everything in your life is either one of two things; love or fear.
Since fear is a no-thing, everything is either love or it is not.
Replace the no-thing with love and your stuff gets magically sweet.
I promise.
All you need is love,
The Universe (02.04.14)

Do you love your job? Then it is not work.
It is simply doing what you love and being paid for it.
Love is not work either. It’s a dance.
If you need an instructor contact me…24/7.
I’m here. It’s my field of expertise.
Twist and shout,
The Universe (02.05.14)

We’d like to make one thing perfectly clear;
love is the complete and total essence of your being.
You are it; you have an unlimited amount to use,
and an equally unlimited amount to share.
Let’s have a contest. See how much you can snatch up
and then see how fast you can pass it around.
Keep your eye on the prize,
The Universe (02.06.14)

So here it is, another chance,
wide awake you face the day,
and your dream from yesterday continues to unfold
as well as the new one you have today and only your love
for living them feeds their fulfillment.
What was the question? It doesn’t matter.
Love is the answer; every time, and always.
Smiling next to you,
The Universe (02.07.14)

Life, according to Me (The Universe) ~ which, by the way,
is all the life there is ~ states that this life-thing works best
if I love you and you love you…and I am so doing my part!
So if I created you and I love you and you really are all that,
then logically it follows to reason that you love you too.
We’re so fine, you and I,
The Universe (02.08.14)

After all the jacks are in their boxes
and the clowns have all gone to bed, what are you left with?
You… and me. That’s all you need; simply my love for you.
Because if you stop and think about it,
nothing is more complete or authentic.
In perpetual admiration,
The Universe (02.09.14)

It appears that your month of love is progressing quite nicely.
Please remember that your maximum effectiveness and
greatest fulfillment happens in the loving recognition of those
who do not usually receive such things.
I’m flipping out over your loveness,
The Universe (02.10.14)

Power is not about control. It’s about love.
It’s about loving another person enough to allow them
to think and be and love and exercise the power of love on their own.
Power is about apologizing and creating the miracle of forgiveness.
It’s about being passionate…yet smart and responsible.
Power is about loving yourself enough to really know
that only your good and your growth comes from all this.
The power of love is your greatest tool.
Use it often…with love,
The Universe (02.11.14)

In love, (your) timing isn’t everything.
You may think you are too late or unavailable for whom you desire,
in fact, when they are ready for you, the time magically appears.
The waiting may be necessary and will definitely be worth it.
Let it unfold as it’s supposed to and watch in amazement as I provide
you with yet one more beautiful lesson in love.
Your love story continues here,
The Universe (02.12.14)

Want something original to say to your loved one tomorrow?
Say something like, “You mean the universe to me”.
Yeah, say that.
After all, it’s loving, sincere, and appropriate.
Watch this:
You mean the universe to me,
The Universe (02.13.14)

Romance: There are so many different kinds;
from the primal and jagged moment of lust all the way to
being forever connected at the soul of another,
and every one of them was purposely provided for your growth.
Here is where we go back to the one-day-at-a-time thing; look for,
celebrate, and BE the love…today. Have some fun with this.
Happy Day of Love,
The Universe (02.14.14)

Did you feel it? Wasn’t it wonderful?
That’s the blissful ambiance we live for;
all that massive love in one single day.
You know where I’m going with this.
What happened yesterday doesn’t have to stay in yesterday.
What if?
The Universe (02.15.14)

I love it when you reach out to the others, and they to you.
But to *reach out* implies that there is a space in between
…and occasionally there is…temporarily. I just want to
remind you that love is the shortest distance between two people.
Always take the shortcut,
The Universe (02.16.14)

Way more than four score and many thoughts ago,
I lovingly created you in my own image and likeness.
So to keep this simple, just know that you are literally
made from some of the same exact elements as stars.
You are their descendants with the only difference being time.
Now do you feel the connection to everyone and everything else?
Man, I am lovin’ all this oneness,
The Universe (02.17.14)

So now that we’ve established all the oneness around here,
do you see how invaluable the others are? Many of your successes,
your peace, and your aha moments have come from us through them
and the never-ending exchange of love makes this whole dance a sight
to behold. The love keeps it moving while showering greatness
on and around you…and the fun of it is never knowing
from where it will appear next.
Oh, and the others? They’re part of you; they have it too.
It’s all every bit of perfect,
The Universe (02.18.14)

What if the greatest, most important thing
you’ve ever done in your life hasn’t been done yet?
And what if you finish my train of thought here?
Take a deep breath, step up, and start working the room.
I’m just going to sit back in awe and be inspired…
‘cause you do that to me.
Pretend I’m not watching,
The Universe (02.19.14)

Last night while I was reviewing your yesterday,
I was so moved by how you allowed everything to perfectly
fall into place. You don’t think so? Yeah, you did.
It is very cool to see how you are finally stepping aside and
watching *your* impossibles become *our* miracles.
So, let’s do it again and…
Carpe this freakin’ badass diem,
The Universe (02.20.14)

So I’m floating around everywhere, in and through everything there is,
pouring over my possibilities for the day and it hits me…
these are *your* possibilities, because I can’t make any of them happen
without you. So with eager anticipation I made sure everything
was all lined up and then braced myself for your unbelievable
achievements (even the ones that you might think are small ~
like, you know, the mental ones ~ which are usually the biggest).
This is so very cool and I can’t wait for it all to unfold…today.
Can you sense my huge grin?
You rock,
The Universe (02.21.14)

The speed at which you remove darkness, a fleeting thought,
or a shooting star; faster than all of those.
My response to you happens before you even ask…
before you even know you want it.
Try Me,
The Universe (02.22.14)

You woke up thinking today was a workday?
Now you remember it’s not.
Nice feeling, huh?
Yeah, I did that.
Sorry. Sometimes my sense of humor just takes over,
The Universe (02.23.14)

Just a quick reminder;
I’ve got it covered.
Trust Me,
The Universe (02.24.14)

We love that you see the rewards of working out,
and being spiritually fit by working inward is equally important.
But this is not about maintenance;
it’s about improving on what you’ve already achieved,
attending to the reality of your being, intention, and increasing
the volume of your flexibility and endurance.
I want to pump you up,
The Universe (02.25.14)

Hey! How ‘bout we do a fill-in-the-blank today?
You choose one or more words from below
(or feel free to use your own) and repeat often:
“The Universe is providing me with __________, all day.”
*Love *Peace *Happiness *Prosperity *Guidance *Patience
*Good news *Enlightenment *Health *Opportunity *Chocolate.
Seriously…try it.
I’ve (always) got what you need,
The Universe (02.26.14)

Taking the first step often requires the most courage and
determination. The steps that follow are equally as important and,
as you know, advance you that much closer to the objective.
And I’m on cloud nine that you even dreamt up such a concept of steps
…you realized that the journey doesn’t happen in one giant leap.
Now, there’s a lot I can say here about baby steps,
two up and one back, and pacing yourself, etc., but that’s old news.
Lose that “Mother, may I?” thing and just…
Put one foot in front of the other,
The Universe (02.27.14)

You need something? Inquire within.
It’s that simple: just ask me.
No bargaining, negotiating, coupons, or contests;
if you want it, I provide it. Always.
Oh yeah, and be specific.
Your BFF with benefits,
The Universe (02.28.14)

Occasionally, you need to gather with the others.
The when and where-ness of your assembling is irrelevant. It’s the
exchange of information between you (of both facts and opinions)
which feeds your soul and generates exciting and great ideas necessary
to enhance the lives of all who gathered as well as those who did not.
Yeah, gathering does all that…a thousand times over.
The resulting outcome of good always has that lovely rippling effect.
Come together,
The Universe (03.01.14)

Remember that feeling when you woke up on the
first day of your greatest vacation? Pause repeatedly throughout
your day and feel that again…really *feel* it, over and over.
Give yourself that exciting infusion of joy.
Then notice how you feel about today’s possibilities.
I’ll take you there,
The Universe (03.02.14)

All of the others are pieces of your puzzle, as you are a piece
of theirs. You do not need to force the fit: I have taken care of the
where and the how. And I could continue this metaphor with terms
like, interlocking and level of difficulty, but neither of those matter.
Just show up and know that these are the facts.
You are in the exact position you need to be for the greatest good
and the view from here is just one massive picture of perfectness.
The Universe (03.03.14)

You may not see it, but I do and the others are talking about it.
With each day that passes you ARE becoming a better, wiser,
and kinder human. Every. Single. Day. And all that sh*t
that you so dislike is advancing your game and sharpening your edge.
You may think it’s ridiculous how this all works, but it was the
quickest, most concentrated way I could think of to pull you forward.
You freakin’ amaze me,
The Universe (03.04.14)

Yes, you have needs, but one of the others has an even greater need.
Just for today, let’s try a little experiment: with great intent,
know the reality of perfection for just that one other…
even if you don’t know them. Occasionally, your focus of
love and faith of healing for another is easier to pull off than for
yourself. Someone will also be doing it for you. Trust me, it works.
Experiment, play, get Funk-y with it,
The Universe (03.05.14)

Let’s stir things up a bit here. I think I will proclaim today to be
“Originally You Day”. Post a new thought, comment, or reply here with
prose you believe to be originally your own. It can be simple,
philosophical, or profound, but should be from your heart.
Expose your creativity.
I’ve already seen what the others have done…now it’s your turn.
Show me what you’ve got,
The Universe (03.06.14)

It’s just a phase.
From one brief second, to one entire lifetime,
all temporary, and all fleeting; from each one phase which
transitions into the next; euphoric or demanding, and everything
in between, and it’s all for you…and the others, connectedly.
It’s just a phase, nothing more.
I love that phrase,
The Universe (03.07.14)

So today feels a bit exciting; perhaps just because it is today,
or perhaps because of what I’m about to do (not quite
sure what that is yet – I mostly play it by ear on an as-needed
basis… you know, constant change, constant energy shift
sort of thing). But whatever *we* end up doing today, we can
make it significant and exciting together. And it will be good.
What will happen next?
The Universe (03.08.14)

You know that expression you like to use…
something about always wanting what you can’t have?
Quit saying it. What do you think I’m here for? Yeah, that.
Miracles; they’re right up my alley and there’s *always* a way.
Let’s do it together,
The Universe (03.09.14)

I’ve noticed a lot of you mentioning something about “not getting it”.
The fact that you realize that there even is an “it” means that you’ve
already got it. All “it” is, is the process; YOUR process and progress
of getting from point A to point B. That’s it. Look back and see how
far you’ve come; “it” is all there and also unfolding ahead of you.
Embrace it,
The Universe (03.10.14)

There is never only one side to anything.
As in the kindness of giving there are two dimensions,
and both benefit. So be humbled and grateful
but never afraid to receive. You are favoring the giver.
You’re welcome.
It’s a gift,
The Universe (03.11.14)

You know when you met that one other and you just *knew*?
Or that one other that you met way back when and was temporarily
out of sight but was always in your mind because you just *knew*
about them too? These are your perpetuothers (and no, I didn’t just
make that up); part of your (and their) foreverness, just not always
in your presence but eternally connected to your soul.
Now this *knowing* is a present from me to you; kind of like a free gift,
a backstage pass, or a take-home final…only better. You’re welcome.
Sometimes I even amaze myself,
The Universe (03.12.14)

In your language there are well over fifty prepositions
(in, on, over, under, through, beyond, near, among, etc.).
Just a quick reminder that although you created the words,
I *am* every single one of them. Have some fun and play it out today…
use me in a sentence: The Universe is ______ me.
Location, location, location,
The Universe (03.13.14)

How exciting today is in the infinite!
I have created for you things that are constant
and also things which are irrational…like 3.14
And not to get all mental about this, but circles are so perfect
for so many uses and everywhere of any size, for everyone, anytime.
Look around, think about them, touch them, be part of one.
Pi …serving it up since before time began,
The Universe (03.14.14)

I just want to remind you of the importance of being present.
However, to do so you must show up first.
This is how your stuff becomes clear;
the light goes on and there you are.
The Universe (03.15.14)

Wouldn’t it be great if all the stars were aligned in your favor,
and all the angels watched over all you did,
and all the others were positioned to assist in your success?
And what if you really knew that I am available 24/7 for whatever?
That’s exactly how it is. We’ve got you covered.
The Universe (03.16.14)

Think back to all of those milestones you’ve reached; recent
ones as well as the way-far back ones. Such a big deal they were!
Please know that to me, ALL of your accomplishments are a big deal.
Stuff that you think is itty-bitty, weighs the same on my admiration
scale as the stuff which you think is huge. And they all contribute
to pulling you forward to create your greatness.
You give me goose bumps,
The Universe (03.17.14)

Occasionally things in your life will rumble and shift around. As you
know, change is constant (EVERYWHERE in The Universe) and this
is a good thing. As you also know, you’re right where you’re supposed
to be and repositioning is all in the name of growth and progress.
It’s not always about those darn tectonic plates.
Keep calm and do the shuffle,
The Universe (03.18.14)

(from your dictionary): noun \kō-ˈin(t)-sə-dən(t)s, -sə-ˌden(t)s\
1. the remarkable occurrence of events that happen at the same time by
mere chance or accident which is not or planned or expected but
seem to have some connection; also: the condition or fact of coinciding.
Coincidence ~ (from the Dictionary of The Universe): not found.
Respectfully, this is your word, not mine.
I love you all…and not by coincidence,
The Universe (03.19.14)

Today is such a day to celebrate and you are cordially invited!
Please join me and participate in March 20th’s magnificence.
Can’t you just feel that it is so huge and important? Bring your
excitement, anticipation, and love for others; I will supply all the
newness, possibility, and hope. Where? This takes place everywhere
and exactly where you are. And welcome to the first day of spring…
and every other great and joyous moment that is yours. Party on.
It’s all about the growth,
The Universe (03.20.14)

What’s that phrase being passed around? Something about,
“If you keep doing what you’re doing….” never mind.
Let me put it like this: If you keep doing what you’re doing and
it’s working for you, and it’s not harming anyone, and it’s helping
the others, and you are learning and growing from it,
go…right…freakin’… ahead. Make a beautiful habit out of it.
Hakuna matata,
The Universe (03.21.14)

Today’s Forecast:
Morning and afternoon showers of peace and happiness
with a 100% chance of sprinkling of information in your area (for
learning). This evening will bring enjoyment and relaxation followed
by calm reflection. Excellent conditions for all your activities today.
Dress appropriately,
The Universe (03.22.14)

Don’t you love it when one of the others says, “I’ll see you later”?
And have you ever stopped even for a split second to notice the
feeling you have when you hear that? Hope. Anticipation. Mystery.
Yeah, that’s Me giving you a bit more of Me,
which is just another perk you get for you being you.
Perking you up,
The Universe (03.23.14)

This past weekend the opportunity department (they’re such a loyal and
dedicated bunch) decided to put in some overtime. Guess who reaps
the benefit of all their effort. Yep, that’d be you. So today, we have
a surplus of excellent opportunities for all, in every category, ranging from
simple, yet important, to crazy-enormous and extremely important.
Just thought you’d like to know. Watch for them…all day.
Knock-knock, (03.24.14)
The Universe

Feeling stalled or a bit complacent about your stuff?
That’s just me preparing you to get fired-up again;
you know, mixing things up and providing fresh fuel.
Every direction is always available.
Consider them all while you appreciate your lull.
Newness is still alive and well,
The Universe (03.25.14)

You know what’s great about a day?
You get a brand-spanking-new one every 24 hours;
original, untouched, without influence or guarantee of destiny.
You get to create unique outcomes or make it a do-over from yesterday.
Either way, it’s all yours…from start to finish.
Providing ʽem fresh, one at a time for billions of years,
The Universe (03.26.14)

Spiritual experience:
That moment when you know – when you *really* know –
that there is an indisputable Oneness to absolutely
everything and no matter what, you will always be okay.
This is infinitely larger than an epiphany, is instantaneous,
and occurs simultaneously with the feelings of joy and serene calm.
It can never be accurately described nor explained, but
like a sneeze, you know when you’ve had one.
Bless you,
The Universe (03.27.14)

Yeah, I know I seem to be on this *Oneness* thing recently,
and it’s not only a little important; it’s the complete essence
of life there on your big blue marble. And this is just a quick
reminder that every tiny particle that makes up you and all the
things, originated from the same place.
Back in the day, I started this project to see just how much I could be,
and then how much you could be, and through you, we all benefit.
We all complete each other.
Interact accordingly (with love),
The Universe (03.28.14)

Some of you have recently wondered if any of these Messages are for,
or about you. The answer is yes. Yes. Yes. Yes: all of them. They are
ALL for, and about you. This is not like a psychic reading where
the info is general and you could *try* to apply it to your situation.
These are personally yours. Look closely; they fit you. I create
them for you because they are about you and they apply to YOUR life.
Yours truly,
The Universe (03.29.14)

Break time. It’s been a busy week; earthquakes, blizzards at the
Poles, sprouting spring seeds, mood swings, fish spawning, sobrieties,
love connections, sports, moon phases and tides, transitions;
babies going to earth, welcome celebrations for others coming back,
the usual…you get the picture. I’m not at all weary but I think I’ll just
take a break and let everything catch up and settle in. It’s Sunday;
let’s rest. (However, I’m always here if you need me.)
Pushing pause,
The Universe (03.30.14)

Did someone say something about a line being crossed? Is this a line
where things are very different on the other side, or a point of no
return? Please know that since I am not aware of any line, wherever
you are is where I am. And although you may see a difference in
matters of where you are versus where you are not (and there usually
is a point of no return – nothing ever is, or goes back to being, exactly
the way it was), to cross a line means change, and change can be so
excellent. You are precisely where you’re supposed to be.
I’m on your side,
The Universe (03.31.14)

Just for the record; I’ve created many fools.
And humans always do foolish things.
Just kidding…none of the above.
Happy April 1st,
The Universe (04.01.14)

Decisions, decisions, decisions. Each one you’ve ever
made was the right one because you based it on all the
information you had at the time. The decision (as well as the result)
IS the lesson! You like to think these are tricky, and no two are
ever exactly alike but that’s why we give them to you; sort of an
emotional exercise to give you practice and to tweak your skills… like
a reality tutorial. And it’s old news that to not decide is a decision,
right? You’re doing so fine and every single one of these
works out perfectly. Every. Single. Time.
Decide to decide,
The Universe (04.02.14)

There seems to be some murmuring about this *last bite* thing.
Now those of a particular mindset (you know who you are) believe that
they must savor this last bite as though it were…their last bite. If you are
planning on this event being your final moment of pleasure for a while,
then okay; plan for it, make it of the correct size, save the proper
amount of whatever goes with it, and slowly enjoy your last bite.
Or, you could remember there is so much more of that as well as many
new and different pleasures with which I am constantly presenting you.
Let’s do lunch,
The Universe (04.03.14)

Look at you basking in all your Friday-ness! Actually, I don’t
need to look; I can feel it and you helped to create it. This is the
place where the Monday through Thursday complications come to die.
No waiting in line or misunderstandings; no bad music, or ugly sox; only
the ahhhh you’ve been wanting. You feel it? One great day, comin’ up!
Spiraling back into control,
The Universe (04.04.14)

Yet another perfect block of time for you to create,
accomplish, and become. To realize results early in the day,
quietly go within, contact me, and place your order.
That is exactly how I do it with you…every day.
Here, let me help you, “I’d like a venti day, quad-shot pure love,
three pumps peace, extra wisdom, no fear”. Like that,
The Universe (04.05.14)

A walk in the park? A day at the beach?
A piece of cake? Jump in a lake?
Or, a Bohemian rhapsody?
Anything goes; just make it as big as life.
I’ll take you there…today,
The Universe (04.06.14)

You know that thing about, “If life gives you lemons, make lemonade”?
Forget it; do something different. Be more creative than that and
make lemon bars…or a pie. Check me out: sometimes when things get
a bit screwy on your land mass it helps if you think a bit outside of the
fruit bin. Imaginatively finding solutions to screwy-ness creates
unexpected results of fun-ness. Seriously. Playing out your dilemma
in a *new* way might just make for a groovier new outcome.
The Universe (04.07.14)

You know that feeling you get when you unexpectedly hear from one
of the others who is so important to you, or when one of the others
tells you something so kind that you could just melt with love?
Really…stop…and remember that feeling. They don’t always consciously
do this with intention, but holy cow, what an effect this has!
Now, remember that you can provide that same sensation for another.
They need it and you have the ability to make their day.
Oh, the things you can do!
The Universe (04.08.14)

Look, I’ve got some fantastic stuff backlogged and waiting to come
down the earth-chute. I need your help here; if you could please
affirm one beautiful and perfect circumstance for someone you know,
and then do one more for someone you haven’t met yet, that will release
all of this bottleneck in the queue…for everyone. Thank you. xoxo
Oh, the things you can do!
The Universe (04.09.14)

Why, you ask?
A. To help the others
B. To enrich your soul
C. Because you complete me
All of the above. That’s why.
Thanks for asking,
The Universe (04.10.14)

Friday, April 11, 2014 / 12:01 a.m.
By, The Universe
GLOBAL – Correspondents on the scene have just reported
that you have yet another opportunity for greatness and joy.
It is entirely probable that this could affect moods, interaction
with others, and situational outcomes.
Further details will be reported as they become available. (04.11.14)

Have you noticed how the birds seem to defy gravity,
and all the fish can breathe water? And against all odds,
every seed in the ground just wants to grow?
Good. Please notice that I’ve also got your back.
Today, and forever,
The Universe (04.12.14)

This message is to inform you that this is not the only
message you will receive from me today. I will be sending you more;
constantly, throughout the entire day, just like I do every day.
Watch for them. Listen carefully to the others. Pay close attention
while you play the music you love. Oh, and that note in a bottle you
find on the beach? That too.
Let’s keep in touch,
The Universe (04.13.14)

Begin with joyous excitement today. If you are going to work,
or play, or serve, the proper approach will ensure your confidence
and performance while keeping you focused on the goal.
As you proceed, be reminded of what your intention was when
you started. You do the footwork and I’ll handle the results.
I’m so glad to be on your team,
The Universe (04.14.14)

So did you check out the eclipse? Pretty cool stuff, huh?
Yeah, it’s a hoot for me too. But it was just that; an eclipse.
Nothing was removed or missing – only your view being obscured
by another object (you…on the big rock you inhabit)!
Now I could make all kinds of cutesy metaphors about this, but you
see my point. The Universe is in a constant state of change and just
because you don’t see something doesn’t mean it’s not there.
Like Me…and the stuff you desire.
See me, feel me,
The Universe (04.15.14)

Earthly cares are so…earthly. They are not you,
but simply created by you. And if it was up to me,
you would automatically give me all of them.
It’s in your job description: Give your earthly cares to The Universe.
Memo to follow,
The Universe (04.16.14)

All of you have the same perfect amount of oneness to each other and
all that I’ve created. But, those adorable, short, young ones, still with
their newness to your environment, their curiosity and awe, feel it more
strongly. The children are absolutely in the now as well as the hope
of the future. To be reminded of your origin, simply observe them.
They still get it and want to convey it to you.
Oh, the things you will learn!
The Universe (04.17.14)

Kind words are such a delight and I am just so pleased by all the love
that floats around when you say them. They’re as good for your soul as
for that of the recipient and the cool part is that you can say them
all day long – so you can feel the love all day long. What a concept;
love out loud! By the way, make my day and say some for yourself too.
Utterly delighted,
The Universe (04.18.14)

Between now and then
and the and the food and the fun,
and the belief you hold for the purpose of the day,
it’s still all about the truth of your existence. You’ve got this.
The Universe (04.19.14)

This is the day!
Enjoy and see the beauty in all of it.
(Constantly) Thinking of you,
The Universe (04.20.14)

There is something about today that I know you’re just going to love.
I promise. Watch for it, own it, and keep me posted.
Check in with me later,
The Universe (04.21.14)

Whew! Another action-packed day for Me; meteor showers,
miraculous healings, all the usual Tuesday stuff; birthdays – love
and best wishes to all, and Earth Day – thank you for acknowledging
your home. All great things which need to be handled and I’m just the
One for the job. I’m also the One to handle all your stuff too.
Bring it on,
The Universe (04.22.14)

Let’s talk about the word “impossible”. Whatever you think is, is not.
As a matter of fact, dump that word from you vocabulary.
Just look back at what you and I have achieved so far!
Impossible is simply your perception and my opportunity to deliver.
Besides, it’s such a kick when I can plant miracles right in your lap –
your reaction always cracks me up. It’s a win-win with you being
you and me being me; you get the joy, and I get to watch.
I’m possible,
The Universe (04.23.14)

You are a miracle. I would like for you to realize and always
remember this. The thoughts you think, the path you’ve chosen, and the
action you take are all part of *your* plan that we (you and I) designed
before today. Even when you don’t see it, you are still a miracle.
If it helps to remind you, send yourself this text: “You are a miracle.”
Go ahead, do it now and do it often. Believe it; it’s really from Me.
The Universe (04.24.14)

I so love being The Universe; everywhere all the time and part of
all there is – you know, just generally being “universal”. But guess
where my favorite place is; where I do the most good, am the most
effective, the happiest, and feel the most love. In your mind.
Yup. That’s my home base, my safe place, my walk in the park,
my day at the beach, and where I really get sh*t done.
Take me with you,
The Universe (04.25.14)

Thanks for tuning in because I’ve got good news: It’s Saturday,
you’re alive, the birds are singing, the weather is working,
and all the planets are still up in the sky. But the best news
is that I don’t take weekends off…or nights… or ever.
Pass it on,
The Universe (04.26.14)

One time I almost complained… I really considered it.
But I decided to drown the situation in love.
You should have seen the explosion of perfectness that
rippled out in every direction. Blew me away.
Go figure,
The Universe (04.27.14)

What are you going to eliminate today? Mental? Emotional? Material?
If it no longer serves a purpose, get it the heck out! And some of the
others are grumbling something about “spring cleaning”: the season
doesn’t matter. Just get rid of the clutter…always.
Cleaning out is freeing. Besides, it makes room for new stuff.
I have a plan,
The Universe (04.28.14)

This is how I see it:
‘Perspective’ is such a great word. Since you are unique, your
perspective is uniquely your view; it is never wrong and is always
interesting. Please know that how you see things is a perfect statement
of where you are on your path. Seek out and honor the perspective
of the others as well. (I’ll speak to them about honoring yours too.)
Consider the alternative,
The Universe (04.29.14)

Think about your friends; they are some of the most important bonds
you have to the Oneness of all that is. You *chose* each other.
You can’t wait to be with them, you confess almost everything,
and oh, the feeling they give you! That is the feeling of being
connected at the soul of another. I could post here for days
on this topic, but you already know. It simply comes down to love;
plain and simple…and love is all there is and what keep us going
…and the friends remind you.
You’re welcome,
The Universe (04.30.14)

Need some help? You know, sometimes days go by that I just sit
around waiting for you to ask me for assistance. So this is a good day.
And it really helps to chat me up about these things since I have a lot
of experience and can help you pull them off. Just do what I do;
make a plan, commit to participate, believe, and be excited
for the new experience. Get ready to be amazed.
Seriously, I’m not just making this stuff up,
The Universe (05.01.14)

So, I’m looking around this morning, just checking in on
you and I think that you are looking pretty, pretty, pretty good.
And I like what I think. And isn’t it so badass to know that
you are my first thought in the morning?
Actually, you are my only thought…all day and all night and forever.
I think today you are going to do really, really, really well.
Yep, you are,
The Universe (mine 05.02.14)

Oh, it’s Saturday and you so deserve this!
I am predicting simplicity, extreme joy, and excellence, and it
would be so cool if you could also help another to achieve this.
You complete Me,
The Universe (05.03.14)

The safest place and most perfect thing you can
ever be is a loving thought in the mind of another.
The Universe (05.04.14)

Monday is always such a great day for miracles; actually it’s perfect
for intention as well. And remember, every intention is created either
from love or fear (and fear is a no-thing, so fill the void with love,
which IS the miracle). So today, you can intend to create miracles…
all day long…in every situation. You can do this.
I’ll help if you want because I love you and you are a miracle.
Ha! Come to think of it, that’s all I do…love you and create miracles.
I have the best job in the you-know-where…
The Universe (05.05.14)

I see that you occasionally think things appear to be complicated.
They’re not. You know, there is a bigger picture and that you
are not always able to see it, but I can. And I hope you also realize
that I will deal with ANY complications which may appear to come up.
Please, step aside and let the expert handle it. Yeah, that’d be Me.
I got this,
The Universe (05.06.14)

If you are reading this and you are breathing and have a pulse,
then you are alive; REALLY alive (yeah, I know I’m stating the
obvious). But this is a great thing to be. Since I don’t do the
physical form by myself, you get to help. And what a fine job
you are doing! And isn’t it great that there will be no right or
wrong way to do this, no performance review or exam?
I am so elated to see that you are making the most of it.
Breathe, breathe in the air,
The Universe (05.07.14)

Endings aren’t always easy, but they’re always necessary (part of the
change-thing I’ve got going on). And the end never means that it’s
over – only that it’s different. Since the end of one thing is the
beginning of another, even if it’s physically over, the thing has
simply changed form and still lives on in your mind (and elsewhere)
for you to keep forever… you know, like a gift.
Your week is almost over and your perspective defines if this is
good or bad. I say it’s all good…every single bit of it.
Excuse me while I go tie up some loose…perspectives,
The Universe (05.08.14)

Have we discussed your importance lately? Well, I just want to remind
you that you are the sole and complete reason for me even being me.
I cannot stress enough the importance YOU have to the whole and
especially to the others. It’s big… it’s really huge. And by the way,
this day is important too – it’s also really huge. Now this stuff isn’t
rocket surgery, but I do help create it you know, and I truly love
your importance to all of it. I will make sure that you can love it too.
That’s kind of what I do,
The Universe (05.09.14)

Imagine today is Saturday. Then imagine that this is the perfect day
to do whatever you want. Now close your eyes (after you finish
reading this) and visualize that every situation and every person and
every outcome is the product of pure love.
Already done!
Now go for it,
The Universe (05.10.14)

As you are the child of the teacher and provider of all things
physical, I want thank you for acknowledging your Mother Nature
today – she too, appreciates you.
Moms rule,
The Universe (05.11.14)

Yesterday rocked…whoa, did it ever! And your anticipation helped
to create that rock-ness; your energy, your positive thoughts, and your
excitement all had a hand in things turning out so nicely.
And yes, you can do it all again.
Therefore, today will rock also,
The Universe (05.12.14)

Holy crap! Such excellent forms of communication you’ve created!
Look at all this electronic stuff going on – written and verbal, all
screaming-fast, and all so crucial for you to connect with the others.
This makes me proud. I just want to let you know that in the oneness
of all that is, these communications occur even before you hit ‘send’ – with
your thought… like instantly. See? You just had one and things are
already different. It’s how you and I chat – you know, sort of like
the Universal form of I.M.; immediate.
I just love all this stuff…and you. Chat me up.
There, I got it,
The Universe (05.13.14)

Just a quick reminder; whatever it is,
let me have it. Just turn it over.
I’ve got it covered…all of it…every single thing.
You will not miss any of it when you never go back to visit it again.
Oh, it’s so good to be you,
The Universe (05.14.14)

Epiphany? Yeah, I love that word! It means that you and I have such a
direct and perfect connection. You know that feeling when the light goes
on over your head, or the aha moment? I hand it over and you get it:
you wondered and I replied. It’s just that simple. From the mouth of
another, a song you heard, a sign you read, or simply a feeling,
you got it…just as I planned.
It’s all about you,
The Universe (05.15.14)

You can put ‘things’ together and you can get together with one,
or many. But I connect with you best when you connect with
the others. My being One includes you…kind of like a group effort,
or buying in bulk: One is good, but two or more are better – always.
(Occasionally) assembly required,
The Universe (05.16.14)

…and on this day, who and where you are is already so perfect,
as will be your experience. Settle in to this understanding and
feel how effortlessly your Saturday becomes great…really great.
Prepare to be amazed,
The Universe (05.17.14)

Sometimes I provide you with do-overs; not because something
went wrong, but because you did so amazingly well the first time.
Goodness doesn’t happen just once – it comes in multiples.
It’s all just part of my job,
The Universe (05.18.14)

**Note to self:
Remain unpredictable; they love being surprised.
(I get such a kick out of finally revealing the big picture.)
Yeah, that’s what I’ll do,
The Universe (05.19.14)

Holiday, vacation, respite, break, relief, or day off; pick one.
When sh*t happens, things change, or maybe even get a bit jagged,
these provide such great possibility for you by adjusting your view.
Hitting ‘refresh’ on your routine restores your perspective on miracles.
Pack a bag,
The Universe (05.20.14)

You know, trust can be so miraculous; it’s best when it’s shared.
I gave it to you to give to the others…and to also give back to me.
Think about it. You’ll know when to use it and when not to,
and if you’re ever not sure, just ask me…honestly.
The Universe (05.21.14)

Are you enjoying the scenery? Good. Slowly take it all in.
It’s there so that when today becomes yesterday you can
remember additional joy attached to an already perfect experience.
Savor the succession of perfect views…one at a time.
Brought to you by,
The Universe (05.22.14)

Between now and then, in the near and the far-away; stop.
Without expectations, think of the possibilities – what you can learn;
what you can achieve, and most importantly, what you can contribute.
Oh, what an adventure you are on!
Savor every single moment,
The Universe (05.23.14)

In case you were wondering whether or not you can do it,
or whether or not it is possible, or whether or not you deserve it;
yes, yes, and yes.
It’s all yours,
The Universe (05.24.14)

Every moment is a turning point. Where you stand at this moment is yet
another in a succession of billions which make up your physical
existence. As all of your turning points are the complete sum of your
choices which have brought you to this exact point, your next choice
IS the most important one you will ever make.
Position yourself appropriately,
The Universe (05.25.14)

Memorial Day:
Barbecues, beach, pool parties, parades…
remember and thank a veteran.
Then remember and honor the ones you can no longer thank in person.
The Universe (05.26.14)

Your reality is shattered into a million pieces. Every sense is
intensified and every emotion becomes huge and all the music
was created just for you. You’re more alive than at any other time,
and the time that this lasts matters not to its depth because you
will remember it forever. You are in love.
Go with it; that’s why you are here.
Living by example,
The Universe (05.27.14)

Still thinking about yesterday? Yeah, maybe it was a bit steep and
in-your-face, and it is good to think about it – and it’s really good
to see the ‘why’ – there’s always a ‘why’. But oh what greatness and
growth it has brought about! If you don’t see it now, you will.
Think about it,
The Universe (05.28.14)

Wouldn’t it be great if you were the author and lead character of one of
the greatest stories of all time, and every twist and turn from the
beginning simply brought you closer to the happy ending? Exactly.
Welcome to your story,
The Universe (05.29.14)

I’d like you to know that I have ordered up another amazing and
wonderful experience for you. I think I will call it…
’The Weekend’. It will be your responsibility to simply prepare for,
share with others, and enjoy.
You can thank me later,
The Universe (05.30.14)

Be happy now. Find a reason because this IS the purpose of your
presence on the big blue marble. Yeah, I know you’ve heard it all
before; there was yesterday, and there will be tomorrow, but check
it out today…now.
You know the drill,
The Universe (05.31.14)

Mark your time today as if these memories are the ones
which will matter most, because as you create them, they are.
Take me with you,
The Universe (06.01.14)

This is as good a time as any to inform you that there is no ‘fitting
in’; just as there is no such thing as being an outsider. You all have
the same exact level of universal ‘in-ness’ for all that is necessary
to fulfill your growth experience AND to love it. Your in-ness
combined with the in-ness of all the others IS the miracle of how this
all works: it’s like a group thing…your strength is in the numbers.
Count me in,
The Universe (06.02.14)

Thank you. Thank you for helping to make all of this better than
it was, for loving it, for placing the majority of your focus on the
needs of the others, for excitedly going forward with all of your
originality… and for believing. Yeah; that last one – it’s huge.
Thank you,
The Universe (06.03.14)

Those who know will get it. Even those who you think don’t
know will get it. Everyone gets it; whether it’s on their own terms
or at their level of readiness – they all get it.
There is no more or less of getting it –
only different positions on the circle…all reaching towards the center.
Get it?
The Universe (06.04.14)

Like a public service announcement… I’d like to take this time out to
remind you that the assignment for today is acceptance. That’s it.
No further explanation is required.
It makes all the difference in
The Universe (06.05.14)

All I can see is that your day is full of miracles. To you, they may
come in varying sizes, but they either are or they aren’t…even some
which you think are not, in fact, are. Every miracle is crucial to your
existence and your loving purpose and kind actions always make this
more clear to you as they always ripple out to affect so many others.
You make my day,
The Universe (06.06.14)

Hey, you creative-types (which, by the way is all of you):
Take this day to advance your concepts – your creativity IS your purpose.
Besides, you *need* to create as much as the others need your example.
You ARE all that and more,
The Universe (06.07.14)

One does not always know that there is a door, let alone hear
or see it open. But trust Me, you are always in front of exactly
the right door, at exactly the right time.
Knock knock,
The Universe (06.08.14)

A solution is a combination of two or more substances.
Not the definition you were expecting? Au contraire, but it is!
Need an answer (a solution)? Simply add something to something else.
Like this: combine your being centered to reliance on Me for results.
Problem solved.
It’s a law…like gravity,
The Universe (06.09.14)

Whether you know it or not, someone loves you so much.
YOU are their dream, their life, their constant thought,
their everything. Consider, respect, and honor them.
Whole heartedly,
The Universe (06.10.14)

Things turning to sh*t?
May I ask that you kindly step aside? Thank you.
If you are front and center and without a clear view of whole picture,
you are in the way and I am unable to perform damage control.
I CAN make your life spiral back into control.
Prepare to be amazed,
The Universe (06.11.14)

Occasionally someone will draw a line in the sand indicating that one
side of the line is different from the other. If you stop and really
think about it, good does come from both sides; some good is
realized now, and some later. But it is all there…all the time.
Working both sides of the line,
The Universe (06.12.14)

There is so much magic and power in the words of your language.
For some reason, I’m liking the “P” words today: like, peace, purpose,
play, and progress. Perhaps you may also wish to apply some or
all of these. Heck, you could even use them in a sentence to repeat
throughout your day. Or not. Actually, it is more important that
YOU find your own words that add meaning and value to your day.
Pick one or two or three.
I’ll help you apply them,
The Universe (06.13.14)

Failure is not an option; it’s not even a possibility.
What you refer to as failure is simply an additional step
towards the completion of the miracle.
Keep calm and trust the process,
The Universe (06.14.14)

If *He* is important to you, honor Him today as well as always.
Who’s your daddy?
The Universe (06.15.14 – Father’s Day)

That you have today ahead of you is huge; really huge.
It is filled with potential and meaning and grandeur.
It is also filled with whatever you choose to experience.
Keeping your focus clear and positive and for the greater good,
your hugeness has already arrived.
The Universe (06.16.14)

Ever wonder where you’re headed? Do you question your direction?
You DO have a say in all of this – it’s your free will; your desire in the
matter. But if you really feel that you could use a guide service, one
that helps show the way, smoothes out the bumps, and helps with all
the necessary tips and tricks, contact me; the journey is my thing.
At your service,
The Universe (06.17.14)

I just want to remind you of that little tool which you carry around
with you at all times; your spiritual fitness. It works at any level
but is most recognizable when properly maintained. Miraculously,
it always yields results regardless of who uses it and becomes second
nature with practice. This is not a competition, but it is a gift.
The Universe (06.18.14)

Let’s discuss setbacks: no such thing.
Situations may appear to contain setbacks, but you know that
just as time only goes forward, so do your lessons and experiences.
And what seems to represent a setback is simply another
brick in the wall of your situation ~ a necessary part of the plan.
It’s all very logical,
The Universe (06.19.14)

Surprise! You made it through the week (almost), and what a
great job you’ve done. Take a breath, take a break, and take a bow.
(Hell, why not even take a selfie too? I love it when you do that!)
Celebrate your accomplishments, and especially the achievements
of others and then plan your next big hoopla .
Strike a pose,
The Universe (06.20.14)

Your kind words are always such a delight; just ask the others.
They are the ones who are inspired and motivated by
your generosity. You have also received those kind words and
know their value. This is nothing more than the interaction
of soul in and of the spirit of Oneness. It costs you nothing and is
completely priceless to the recipient.
Give a little bit,
The Universe (06.21.14)

Here’s the (inside) scoop:
…and because of the way things always work out, no matter how the day
began, what your plans are, or what you are doing right now, this is
your perfect Sunday.
You’ll see,
The Universe (06.22.14)

Do you have any idea how proud I am?
Take a look back and see how far you’ve come. Your awareness of the
whole has so evolved! Whether planned or subconsciously, it has
happened and provided you with a greater understanding of, and a
simpler connection to, your source…and this is just the beginning.
Evolution 101: You are the model.
The Universe (06.23.14)

One of the others stated, “I’d never join a club that would have me”.
Well, I pretty much run all the clubs and I’d have every one of you in
all of them. What you each contribute is different than from any of
the others, is anticipated, and absolutely crucial to the whole.
You are so outstanding and invaluable. Join.
No dues or fees,
The Universe (06.24.14)

Between fear and anxiety, uncertainty and doubt, please remember the
reality of your being. You may have one big issue or many small ones
but they are just that; issues. They are not *you*, nor are they good
or bad, but simply part of your plan. Turn them over; they’re already
handled. I’ve got this,
The Universe (06.25.14)

Your knowledge, talent, generosity, kindness, and love do belong to
you, but they were assigned to be used as part of the potluck system –
you know; get together with the others, share them, and sample what else
is available. What better way to create your own “signature fusion”?
…and the leftovers rock,
The Universe (06.26.14)

A quick mention of miracles:
*How* they happen, is really of no matter. The fact that they do
happen constantly is of huge importance. Miracles simply rearrange
one’s perception and place all realities of love in true perspective:
This is the healing and it goes on 24/7. Always has…always will.
Fridays are miraculous too; just watch.
The Universe (06.27.14)

You know, Rumi really rocked the words. He stated that,
“Everything in the universe is within you. Ask all from yourself.”
Love that dude. Love his words.
Love you,
The Universe (06.28.14)

Okay, you know that thing that is really bugging you; taking up your
happy thinking time and just generally eating away at your peace?
Yeah, that. Find the good in it. Seriously. Look for the joy, be
grateful for the lesson and growth, then become aware of how much better
you start to feel about it. Piece-o-cake; it WILL suddenly not only
*feel* better, it *gets* better.
Just for today,
The Universe (06.29.14)

Behold another Monday where the significance is the badass beginning
of whatever you choose to accomplish. I freakin’ LOVE Mondays because
you all are so focused with determination and gusto while launching yet
another segment of your path.
Launch on with love,
The Universe (06.30.14)

In the very far, far away as well as in the very up close
(like inside of you), and everything in between, please remember
that there is a oneness of being, mind, and love that is the connection
between you and all that is. Use it wisely, to your advantage and,
for the good of all the others. Simple, effective, and perfect…
just as I planned and the same as it ever was.
The Universe (07.01.14)

Finding the beauty in your day: Free.
Realizing you are one with all that is: Free.
Doing both while lovingly helping others: Priceless.
The Universe…I’m everything you need to be. (07.02.14)

Great minds think…..
Excuse me…great MIND. Just one.
Everyone has access equally, and the ultimately groovy part is that
you can customize your usage; make It yours. It’s somewhat of a tricky
concept to grasp, but you are in It and of It and It is in and of you.
It’s not so necessary to understand the mechanics in order to use It,
but trust me; It is always available…like air.
Take a deep breath,
The Universe (07.03.14)

Today is perfect. No, really; what better way to absorb some fun and
joy than participating in celebration and experiencing it through the
eyes of a child? On your calendar, this is one of the best days ever
to do so. Trust me on this one; the children have it down – genuine,
innocent, and delighted to be in the moment. Remember what it was like?
With a childlike perspective,
The Universe (07.04.14)

Observe and always consider the circumstance of others first.
Your participation in assisting, or simply supporting them,
makes all the difference in their lives as well as your own.
You are already over-the-top amazing: please share your example.
The Universe (07.05.14)

Today can be the end of the weekend, or the beginning of the week;
or, more accurately, the next step in your voyage.
Yes, exactly that; your next step. And oh how great it can be…
and it’s all the stuff for you to file as YOUR experience. See the
good in your past, your now, and what’s ahead…and then…
Take the long way home,
The Universe (07.06.14)

Sometimes that one thing seems impossible, like it could never happen;
like it is so far out of reach; unattainable…or even ridiculous.
I am here to tell you that it’s not. It is SO possible and even
probable. Believe me, more magnificent and enormous things have
happened…and they do all the time. This life stuff has no limit –
especially when you and I are the ones creating it.
Please plan accordingly,
The Universe (07.07.14)

Let’s have a little lesson in gratitude:
You receive something (it doesn’t matter if it is obviously needed or
wanted –and- the value may not be immediately noticeable).
You give thanks. You have just opened the door to more.
That’s it. The end. You’re welcome,
The Universe (07.08.14)

What day is it? It is today; just like it is every other day –
only better, because it is now…and it is yours…all fresh and shiny
and brand new and pre-arranged for you to create, accomplish,
and most importantly, to help the others. Go for it…
With gusto,
The Universe (07.09.14)

As if…your happiness depends on it, and
as if…your success depends on it, and
as if…your desires depend on it:
They do. Your thought rules your entire experience.
Thinking of you,
The Universe (07.10.14)

Roots: We are born with some and others we consciously plant.
Tend and appreciate all of their locations, but more importantly
cherish the growth they provide because your upward and outward
progress is what makes you, you.
Here, there, and everywhere,
The Universe (07.11.14)

Right now, are you breathing air? Are you thinking thoughts?
Are you reading this? Then all systems are in order.
Everything is already in place for you to apply your greatness today.
Go out and amaze the hell out of yourself,
The Universe (07.12.14)

You may find this to be an unusual topic, but I’d like to commend all
of you who take selfies. These make me so happy. What a pleasure to
see that you want to share your appreciation of YOU…a compliment to both
of us – and believe me, all of your beauty really comes through on each
and every image. Please stop and consider the huge amount of joy these
little creations bring to so many.
Strike a pose,
The Universe (07.13.14)

You know, none of this life-stuff has anything to do with intelligence
or book learning; it is simply your understanding and application of
the laws at work. It’s more of a Universal sense – and yours is better
than you realize. And please know that applying it is easier than not.
This public service announcement is brought to you by,
The Universe (07.14.14)

Although, you may think that moving on and letting go are two separate
topics, today they are not. Both are such a huge and necessary part of
your progress and one does not necessarily precede the other. Clear
thinking and equanimity are the trick to pulling this off with poise
while realizing that the mystery of the next adventure will be
unfreakinbelievably exhilarating.
Keep calm and enjoy the ride,
The Universe (07.15.14)

In the ordinary…oh wait…sorry. There is no ordinary.
It is ALL very extraordinary; every single thing is of humongous
importance. Each event, situation, person, thought, word, and action
carries identical weight and is equally essential to the whole –
the creation of the miracle. So let’s just say that it ALL matters…
Yeah, let’s say that,
The Universe (07.16.14)

How great it is to be so thankful today –
To actually realize how amazing everything is…right now –
That you are my first thought –
The first voice I hear –
That you actually helped to create this reality –
Yes, I am very thankful…and so blown away by it all.
You complete me,
The Universe (07.17.14)

There will always be the wannabes, the posers, the pretenders, and
those who copy you and your actions – hell, even I wanna be you!
But remember, imitation is the highest form of flattery and they do it
because they want what you’ve got. I gave it to you to share with
them, so be big, step up and show ‘em how to get it.
I deliberately selected you as the most perfect one to represent you.
Go for it,
The Universe (07.18.14)

So you all have this savings account and *everything* you think, do,
say, and experience is deposited. Groovy, huh? Because in this
savings account ALL of your deposits are valuable. They draw interest
and pay dividends constantly – even what you call “junk”, pays off big.
It’s a very badass system; even better than those places that charge
you for a lesser service, because you DO get rich from this account.
With a positive balance only,
The Universe (07.19.14)

Hey, thanks for showing up because I’ve got some great news;
it’s Sunday, you are upright and breathing, everyone’s weather is
turned on, the sun, Pluto, and the planets are still up in the sky,
and the whole Universal enchilada still functions on love.
That’s it, babe: Love.
Love is all there is and what’s gonna get you through the next 24.
Spread it around,
The Universe (07.20.14)

Huge life-altering accomplishments always begin as itty-bitty thoughts;
teeny-weeny concepts which almost always make it under the radar. And
the fun part for me is making the really good ones come back and bop you
again and again. (You think this is your inspiration gnawing for some
action.) Consider the result because the “how” is already handled.
Think about it…
The Universe (07.21.14)

What if? What if your early bird-ness yielded you the worm you’ve been
waiting for? And what if you realize that this worm was yours all along
because we agreed that it was always part of your plan? Being “early”
simply indicates willingness and determination because it’s all about
the principle, doing the leg-work, knowing your reality, and claiming
the prize…oh, and most importantly, helping the others to do the same.
Yeah, that’s what if,
The Universe (07.22.14)

Please note that your thoughts are tiny bits of energy which
become things – larger amounts of energy to affect your experience.
How else could you have come this far and achieved all your greatness?
It’s just a thought,
The Universe (07.23.14)

Pausing before judging or reacting and being grateful for the
lesson helps you to do what is right, see the good, and
maintain inner peace.
Doing this will always yield the greatest of all possible results.
Because sometimes it’s just a matter of putting yourself on hold…
The Universe (07.24.14)

Using what you already have saves you from thinking you need more,
because you already have absolutely everything you will ever need…ever.
I couldn’t say this if I wasn’t,
The Universe (07.25.14)

When you ponder the reality of your being-ness and then
visualize yourself just floating around all that is, would you
think about yourself and the others any differently?
The Universe (07.26.14)

Your actions do not need to yield perfect results.
Your sincere intentions – with feelings of love, grace, honor,
and humility are sufficient to create the miracle…
and miracles on Sunday are usually quite the phenomenon.
On your mark, get set,
The Universe (07.27.14)

Every single thing in your life is either love or fear; everything.
Since fear is a no-thing, everything else is either love or it isn’t.
You *always* have the choice and the power to replace the no-thing
with love. Try it. Then you can ask yourself silently,
“How do you like me now?”
The Universe (07.28.14)

Answers: You’ve already got them and you always get more when and
Where you least expect them and in ways you never imagined. (It’s
always crazy-hysterical for Me to watch you try to guess the source.)
There’s no need to second-guess or save them up once you receive them.
They’re always available from Me and are frequently manifested through
the others. It gives me chills of delight that you provide answers too.
Give yourself a high-five.
The Universe (07.29.14)

I just had a thought; well, actually it was a question…or a reminder.
Do you realize how much good is in the world- constantly and everywhere?
I am so serious! You are a provider and are in and of it as well as a
recipient and it all has a straight shot to and from you.
It’s everywhere and all the time.
Holy crap…I just LOVE this stuff!
Goodness gracious,
The Universe (07.30.14)

Praise feels so freakin’ excellent to receive.
And when you give praise, it sends searing hot ripples
of groovyness all through the recipient… and me.
Give a little bit,
The Universe (07.31.14)

Yes, you are on the physical plane, and no, not everything is automatic,
but it IS already handled. Trusting in what is just around the next
curve is simply a facet of your development – you know, like a fun
little exercise in faith…and patience.
Therein lies your power, Grasshopper.
The Universe (08.01.14)

And on this day, appreciate the direction you are headed as well as
everything along the way. You already know that all of it is required
for the “this-turned-out-great” thing to be realized.
Every day and always,
The Universe (08.02.14)

The way I see it, thoughts are things and your previous thoughts always
become your experience now. Recognize the artificial power of fear and
get past your human inclination to stress. All your stuff is already
perfect; I promise. Serenity rules!
The Universe (08.03.14)

Don’t you just love old maps? Such a perfect way the others were able
to figure out how to get from here to there. Because no one ever stayed
in one place very long there was always a *there*, and everyone was
always headed in that direction. Just like now; everyone has a direction
and there is no need to get lost…ever. You’ve got those GPS thingies,
and more importantly, you’ve got the gift of direction as well as the
*how* to get there; free, no batteries necessary, and all within.
Moving right along,
The Universe (08.04.14)

When you stop and think about this collection of us (of which we are all
One), and that all the laws and procedures which apply to you, apply to
all equally, it’s a pretty good system…actually it’s rather perfect, if
I do say so Myself. Y’all keep it interesting since your stuff is
constantly changing and rearranging…and for good reason! Just remember
that this all works best with your participation in unconditional love.
Like a party, only better.
The Universe (08.05.14)

You have one job. Just kidding. You have many jobs (responsibilities)
and you’re doing them all just exactly as you should. Your performance
is guided by your thinking and your thinking is always guided by your
inherent desire to do better. I like that. Keep up the excellent work.
Hi ho, hi ho,
The Universe (08.06.14)

Between now and later, your purpose and preference, remember the
gratitude thingy here. It always mass-produces so much more of the
enhanced spirituality and the finer physical elements you are going for.
Minute by Minute,
The Universe (08.07.14)

You are about to enter another dimension; a dimension not only of sight
and sound but of mind, a journey into a wondrous land of imagination.
Next stop … the weekend.
The Universe (08.08.14)

Your story will never end; therefore fear should never be the choice
when taking the next step. Do the hindsight thing and realize this.
In your own life, the story you are creating is always for the better.
Turn the page,
The Universe (08.09.14)

While you are pondering your what ifs today, remember that the choice
is always yours. I do propose, however, that you do it up right: make
it meaningful, fun or relaxing, enlightening, helpful, and most of all,
memorable. It doesn’t need to be big; just medium-sized…and something
you can file away for later and say, “That was good; it was very good”.
Yeah, do that today.
The Universe (08.10.14)

Imagine yourself in a place and during a time when everything is always
aligned in your favor; where people, places, and things all conspire to
provide you with the perfect experience; where those who have gone
before you gladly and lovingly help to pave the way for your success,
and where you can actually rely on the feeling that *everything*
is already handled.
Yay, you! That just so happens to be here and now.
The Universe (08.11.14)

Laughter is another one of the miracles; the result of a feeling of joy
usually provided by the words and actions of another – a gift for the
giver and the receiver. As all miracles are a result of love,
remembering laughter continuously repeats and renews that love;
free, at any time, and in the privacy of your own mind.
Feeling the love,
The Universe (08.12.14)

So I was kicking back and reflecting on yesterday and the thought hits
me; WAIT! We’re in today now! Silly me. I should have known because
I felt a bit excited and energized – like such great things are about to
happen; unexpected and badass things; things that make you go hmmm.
Yes, I believe that is what you can look forward to today.
Wait for it…
The Universe (08.13.14)

People are basically good. As a matter of fact, you and all the others
have within you an unlimited amount of goodness to do, be, and share.
Occasionally, this appears not to be the case, but trust me, it is not
an inherent characteristic and is temporary. Good trumps all…
every time…‘cause I said so. Watch and wait for it; you will see.
So there,
The Universe (08.14.14)

Just a quick reminder that all of your plans and dreams are subject to
revision. Your life is a process; an ongoing progression of thoughts,
actions, and results – all of which can be revised along the way.
And nothing is set in stone…except stone; stone is set in stone.
Everything else however, can be changed up and made better as you go.
That is all,
The Universe (08.15.14)

You don’t even have to say it out loud. Whatever it is, I get it…
loud and clear. In perfect silence or from a whisper to a scream,
I’ve got you covered,
The Universe (08.16.14)

Getting your Sunday on?
Please remember that when given the choice of either/or,
it is initially always better to do rather than to have. The *having*
will always follow the *doing*. For maximum results, do try this.
The Universe (08.17.14)

Innocence is so obvious in the little ones and you big people still
have it too. Now really consider this for a sec; you are born
with it and you never really lose it and since you still have it that
means that the others have it too. Trust me; it’s there and you
can find it. What a sweet delight to realize that this childlike
quality still rocks in every single human.
I love this stuff!
The Universe (08.18.14)

Someone, somewhere, is calling it a day. Whatever time zone you are in,
you also may call it a day and you may call it anything you like at any
time you like, but it is just a day. Your naming, proclaiming,
and personalizing it makes it yours. Call it something big.
Have a day,
The Universe (08.19.14)

So I’m feeling like a little bit of silence today. Yeah, I know it’s
hump day and there are many who will wildly rejoice in this, but taking
a moment (or many) for silence and getting centered is the name of the
game to glide through the stuff.
It’s all a part of our language; yours and mine.
Lowering the volume,
The Universe (08.20.14)

What’s faster than a flipped switch,
is created from love, and always results in miracles?
Let’s talk about power. It’s today’s buzzword, and you have it.
It comes in unlimited amounts for all your achievements.
Your power is free with no monthly bills, and there’s never a blackout.
It is a gift from Me, through you, and you are always connected.
You really turn Me on,
The Universe (08.21.14)

Here’s what I know: This life-thing is way bigger than you think.
It is almost impossible to see the entire picture, but please just know
that the entire picture is only good – actually it’s perfect. And ALL
of your questionable stuff is the free pass to more perfect. I promise.
I might not believe it either if I weren’t
The Universe (08.22.14)

You are here (pretend there’s an arrow pointing to a dot –
which is the earth out in space, surrounded by a bunch of other dots)
and like a mini-holiday, this day you’ve been waiting for now appears
and you have a one-way ticket to a most excellent Saturday…on this dot…
out in space. It could be pretty damn spectacular.
The Universe (08.23.14)

You do get to make this stuff up as you go and you ARE able to
apply action to your choices. This is just some of the stuff that makes
you, you; and me helping makes me, me.
I’m just lovin’ this whole arrangement.
The Universe (08.24.14)

Today is huge – no kidding, this is big; for a lot of people and for a
lot of reasons. Yesterday was huge too and tomorrow will be as well.
Can you see the pattern here? If your hugeness is not visible today
then you can see that it is for one of the others. Every day and every
event counts equally in the bigness of all of this and if you are in
a pause, ease a thing for another as you can.
That would be huge for both of us. I’ll pitch in too.
The Universe (08.25.14)

Places, everyone! Take your places! Behold the magic that is about
to become your day; good news, valuable experiences, joyous interactions
with remarkable people, conclusive realizations, and unexpected love.
Hell, I may even throw in some good food – like a Pop-Tart or something.
Watch for it…
The Universe (08.26.14)

Ain’t it great, after all the confusion, pain, and fear, followed by
a few hints, clues, and signs that you finally get that “aha moment”;
when the light goes on and you see what all the crap was about?
It’s truly a beautiful day in the neighborhood when you can take two
steps forward and no steps back.
Clarity; it’s what’s for breakfast,
The Universe (08.27.14)

Okay, so you and some of the others keep making a request for relief.
I love that word. Asking for relief makes you pause; it causes you to
stop and actually be in the here and now; it makes you really *think*
about what is currently taking place – you know, the necessary stuff
you need to do anyway. And yes, you will always get relief because
absolutely *everything* is temporary. Aren’t you happy now?
Like a room without a roof,
The Universe (08.28.14)

Today is badass important. HUGE things have happened on this day in
the past, huge things will happen on this day in the future and the real
huge-ity is the right now-ness of this here span of twenty-four hours.
Now, not to get all mental and stuff because it’s Friday and a long
weekend and all, but today still lends itself to being of big-fish
weight for you. Reel in your memories in a big way and…
Mark the day with love,
The Universe (08.29.14)
All I will say today is, do no harm. That’s it.
Do. No. Harm… ever.
The Universe (08.30.14)

In the beginning there was peace.
Then there appeared not to be peace, but it was still there.
Just like now, peace occasionally appears to be absent – or unavailable
in your area – but that’s not the case. Peace is still there (here):
not replaced, simply obscured but always available…not like high-speed
internet…peace is always available, everywhere…like air.
Get comfy and take a deep breath,
The Universe (08.31.14)

All of your moments today (and always) are one-way. Although
they each precede the next moment going forward only and there is still
so much comfort to be had in the moments which have passed,
please know that your true pleasure lies in this moment…the
one you are experiencing right now. (Lovingly, I ask you to please…)
Quit looking at the clock,
The Universe (09.01.14)

If I wore t-shirts, the one I’d put on today would say,
“Everything is Already Okay”.
Because it is – it’s perfect. I promise.
But since there are no t-shirts in my size, let’s just hold that thought.
The Universe (09.02.14)

And occasionally you get a blast of clarity so huge that it rocks your
whole zip code and then it finally transforms everything. Clarity is
always being sent but you actually get it only when you are ready…
and the impact is always life-changing. Be ready.
Just trying to clear things up,
The Universe (09.03.14)

All I ask today is this one, small, tiny thing: Go out there and
represent yourself. No one else can. You are the only and absolute
best one in all of creation who can do it. And since only you can
represent you – you get better at it every minute of every day.
That’s why you’re there; to be and to represent… for yourself and for the
others. Show up, love accordingly, smile, and make sure your sox match.
The Universe (09.04.14)

Who do you think you are?
I created you as perfect as there ever was;
freakin’ flawless and lacking nothing…nada…zilch.
So please, never say anything negative about yourself:
It hurts my feelings.
Seriously; I’m not just making this stuff up,
The Universe (09.05.14)

Remember those things that came right out of left field – unexpected
and unwanted? I just wanted to get your attention. You can now grab
the results of those zingers and see their value because that is the
stuff that helps you to step up to the plate to whack your biggest
challenges right out of the park… and gives Me reason to party when
you succeed.
Batter up,
The Universe (Saturday 09.06.14)

So you woke up in a certain mindset. Have you stuck your head outside
yet? Try it. For some reason doing so seems to improve all of the
first thoughts which are freeloading in your think-space and changes
them to thoughts like delight, brand new, and promising.
I’m not quite sure why, but going from inside to outside does that.
Today will not suck,
The Universe (09.07.14)

Let’s have a little math review: When you add someone into your life,
it is always a plus. You will realize it now, or you will see it later.
When you do the take-away (subtract) you must be sure that this is
correct as it is difficult to undo, and, there can be no placeholders:
a placeholder usually implies a zero to be replaced by something greater
later on. This cannot be assigned to any of the others because they
(as well as you) all have a value.
Do the math,
The Universe (09.08.14)

I would like for you to laugh today – a lot.
Stop and think about when you laughed last…laughed really hard.
Think not so much about what was funny, but how good you felt inside.
Pretty fine, huh? Please know that laughter is so healing for you –
and it does get you out of the weeds.
So that’s it; that’s all I want for you today.
Just laugh…oh, and share it with the others.
I’m here cracking Myself up too,
The Universe (09.09.14)

Occasionally one or some of the others will pop into your experience
quite unexpectedly and holy sh*t, is it ever huge. And the hugeness
ripples out…and it always happens on time…and it’s never only just
for, or about you; it affects many. And sometimes you will either be
the pop-er or you will be the pop-ee, so embrace both roles.
It’s all about the big picture and everyone’s stuff continuing to get
better. Like you, they are in and of The Universe too.
Just another little miracle brought to you by yours truly,
The Universe (09.10.14)

I’m launching one more new sequence of 24, served up just as you asked;
big and plump with love and possibility and the ultimate purpose is for
you all to share it with, and to help each other.
Play nice,
The Universe (09.11.14)

Have you brushed your teeth today? Just kidding.
I don’t need to know. But that morning ritual is almost as important
as consciously arranging your thoughts for the day toward clarity and
knowing that what you are about to experience will be exactly perfect.
The Universe (09.12.14)

Roses are red, violets are blue,
go out and make a difference for yourself and the others today.
I love you all,
The Universe (09.13.14)

The speed of a shooting star, a fleeting thought,
or at which you remove darkness…faster than all of these;
My response to you happens before you even ask…
before you even know you want it.
Try Me,
The Universe (09.14.14)

Here’s what I think: I think that you might want to remember that this,
whatever this is, is temporary…all of it. And if you want to put an
unpleasantry or two on the fast track, you know, on the one-way
ticket to outta-your-life, just ship it off…turn it over, ’cause I’ve got it.
You’re allowed to do that.
The Universe (09.15.14)

Do you see what I see? Of course you don’t. You see what you see;
what you’re supposed to and what you need to see. You see that which
explains part of your path and the pieces (answers) to your puzzle
that you must have in order to move forward and be you. See?
See me, feel me,
The Universe (09.16.14)

e-piph-a-ny – [ih-pif-uh-nee]
(1) a usually sudden manifestation or perception of the essential
nature or meaning of something (2) an intuitive grasp of reality
through something (as an event) usually simple and striking
(3) an illuminating discovery, realization, or disclosure.
Yeah, that’s just what I do, and you’re welcome.
The Universe (09.17.14)

There is this network and you are ALL connected to EVERYONE.
And sometimes your paths cross and then it doesn’t and then sometimes
you never encounter some of the others at all. This is all prearranged
so that everybody gets a few good cracks at experiencing love and
greatness. I like to keep things fun and a bit mixed-up so you never
really know when these things will happen. You just look for the value
and I’ll play around with the timing.
The Universe (09.18.14)

You don’t always make the obvious decisions, and you don’t intentionally
make the wrong ones, but you do always make the right ones.
The right decisions are the ones you make based on all the information
you have at the time. That’s all I ask. The rest is fluff and
experience (learning) for you to tuck away for the next time.
To me, you are choice.
The Universe (09.19.14)

Today will be different.
Today is always different from yesterday,
and your perception is what will help make it better.
Besides, it’s Saturday and the cartoons are better.
The Universe (09.20.14)

Are all your ducks in a row? Of course not.
You don’t have any ducks and if you did, they would not be all lined up.
And like the line of ducks, life is on your big blue marble is often
crooked; un-straight, with some beautiful as well as some unpleasant
interruptions along the way, but it all tidies-up in the end. These
obstacles are all temporary, so just let them roll away like water off a…
you know,
The Universe (09.22.14)

So many of you keep discussing this gratitude-thing.
I just want you to know how overwhelmingly grateful I am for you.
You represent and complete me as no one else ever could, and for that,
I am,
The Universe (09.23.14)

Do you really believe there is a time when you are not creating?
Nope. It’s an always-thing; thinking, speaking, and doing, because
being creative is your aliveness at its most heightened expression.
So that’s why you’re there; to just constantly create. That’s all
you do. And, the simple act of experiencing love is the most massive
blast of creativity there can ever be. You know that rush of love you
get when you intentionally create good? Yeah, that’s why I do it too.
The Universe (09.24.14)

Good news! You are not tethered to fate. As a matter of fact, you are
not tethered to anything – except me and love. You are in and of this
system which constantly presents choice and free will and is just every
bit of perfect for you to choose astonishing miracles at every turn.
…and joyfully with love I chose to be so tied to the miracle that is you.
The Universe (09.25.14)

You have a knack; a thing that you do better than most. Actually you
have many knacks and the good ones you’re usually proud of and love to
do. If you ever wonder what you can contribute to one of the others,
it’s one of your good your knacks. There are other things you can
contribute also, but your good knacks are so good for you to do and are
really so good for the others to receive.
You create joy and the knack creates more good.
This Ol’ Man,
The Universe (09.26.14)

Please don’t ever underestimate the huge power of your presence.
You never really have any idea how vital it can be to one of the others
at any given moment. Yes, YOU do really matter to them.
Thinking of you,
The Universe (09.27.14)

Everyone in their places with bright shiny perspectives?
Excellent. Then you’ve got this one down.
Go take on your Monday with joyous anticipation.
Yes, we can.
The Universe (09.29.14)

We need to talk;
not about yesterday or tomorrow, but let’s talk about today.
Seriously. Tell me your plans and your hopes; what you’d like
to see take place and all the greatness you want showered onto
your lovely life…yeah, let’s talk about that…today.
I’ve got all the time in the world and you know what to do.
The Universe (09.30.14)

And occasionally you get a bit impatient over the actions (or lack
thereof) of one of the others. Please remember that they are all on a
different path than yours – some further along, some less. But everyone
is doing the best they can with what they have; THAT is part of their
path and part of your path is to see this and help…
or at least do no harm.
Moving right along,
The Universe (10.01.14)

Can we just stop for a second here and check out the surroundings?
Your temporary situation and location is exploding with beauty. This
includes what you see and feel as well as that which ain’t lookin’ so
pretty at the moment. And just because you don’t see it doesn’t mean
it’s not there. It is; and you always benefit – you even benefit so much
that the others get some too.
Watch for it…
The Universe (10.02.14)

Religion? Only if you want to and feel that you need it.
It’s your call. I’m here either way…like air…and love.
It’s just a thought,
The Universe (10.03.14)

Trust in the process and the answers will come.
Love *always* wins out.
The Universe (10.04.14)

There’s this dance taking place; not many dances – just one.
You do it, animals do it, insects do it, even cells do it.
It is a constant movement; an interaction amongst everything
that is. You are sometimes touching, sometimes influencing, but
always affecting and being affected by those around you. This is good…
and such a perfectly beautiful view from here. Hold that thought.
Feelin’ good, feeling fine, oh baby, let the music play,
The Universe (10.06.14)

Desires and wishes are great, but hope IS the light at the end of the
tunnel. Hope is also the power that hand-holds you toward realization;
kind of like food for right-thinking. You may not always think you have
it, but trust me it’s there and it is so valuable and necessary.
Grab some…with both hands,
The Universe (10.07.14)

How am I? In 100 words or less? Well, that’s a loaded question
but I’m glad you asked. I am. Yes, I am. I am all that you are just
as you are all that I am. I am perfect just the way I’m supposed
to be as are you too and I surely wouldn’t be me without you.
I am your favorite color, all the feelings you ever feel, and everything
you experience in your life and the people in it. Thank you for asking.
I am so wonderful…like a day at the beach…or bacon.
The Universe (10.08.14)

Thank you for noticing those memorable folks who entered your life; you
know, the ones that you weren’t so sure about. Well, I’m sure about
them…besides, you and I discussed this earlier. They were there for
you and you were there for them and usually the reason why is not too
obvious at the time. Every one of them has left a spiritual cookie in
your learning center…all of them. Think about it. See? I love how you
all interconnect. And thank you for noticing how much I love you too.
The Universe (10.09.14)

It’s okay to not know. Being in want or need of an answer is part of
a necessary process of learning and growth. This process is just as
essential as the answer you seek. The answer is always there, just not
always obvious when you feel you should have it. Now, you can analyze
the question to pieces – and that *can* help and be part of the process
too, but it’s so much more peaceful to simply trust; trust the process
and know that you will know. I got this.
The Universe (10.10.14)

Road trip? Why, yes, that is a fine idea. Pick a place, map it out,
make your plan, and just go. You don’t actually have to physically go
somewhere – although that would be nice – but simply choosing to explore
a better location mentally and emotionally is equally as fulfilling and can
be even more rewarding. Check out the sights, soak up the surroundings,
pick up a few souvenirs, and really get to know the place because you may
just want to move there. Why, yes, that is a fine idea.
The Universe (10.11.14)

Do you have any idea how much I admire you? Me neither because
my admiration for you just keeps intensifying and expanding, so I quit
trying to figure it out. Please just know that I admire all that you do
and even all that you attempt to do. Thanks for this because your
doing-ness and attempt-ness complete me…completely.
The Universe (10.13.14)

Here’s the memo (so you can’t say you didn’t see it):
Life, according to Me – The Universe – which, by the way, is all the
life there is, states that this life-thing works best if I love you and
you love you…and I am so doing my part! So if I created you and
I love you and you really are all that, then it logically follows to
reason that you love you too. Agree?
This memo is brought to you by,
The Universe (10.14.14)

This is crucial: Start from here.
You need to be *there*? Simply start from here.
WHEREVER here is, IS your starting point. I cannot stress this enough.
I know you realize the here and now concept, but please remember that
going from point A to point B requires absolutely nothing more than
starting from right here.
Go. I’ll see you there,
The Universe (10.15.14)

The speed at which you remove darkness, a fleeting thought,
or a shooting star; faster than all of those.
My response happens even before the need or want.
Any questions?
The Universe (10.16.14)

Yesterday may have been a bit bold and in-your- face. Sometimes that
happens but today will be different and better; it always is because
today is new…and it’s Friday. And since most of you love Friday,
this will be good because there will be a collective effort which really
amps things up for everyone. You know, more joy, a bit more relaxed,
peaceful, yet anticipating the weekend. Watch…
Today will not suck,
The Universe (10.17.14)

Yeah, I know what day it is, but can you feel how huge this is?
Holy crap; there’s hugeness all over the place. You know that there’s
importance in every single minute of every day, but this one…
stop and *feel* it. It’s making me vibrate all over the place!
There must be something going on in…
The Universe (10.18.14)

As if there was any question, today, right now, in all that is,
my bets are solely on your greatness, continued success, and perfect
decision-making ability. And your desire to do the right thing?
It’s already handled…I’ve got this one,
The Universe (10.20.14)

Occasionally, you need to gather with the others.
The when and where-ness of your assembling is irrelevant. It’s the
exchange of information between you (of both facts and opinions)
which feeds your soul and generates exciting and great ideas necessary
to enhance the lives of all who gathered as well as those who did not.
Yeah, gathering does all that…a thousand times over.
The resulting outcome of good always has that lovely rippling effect.
Come together,
The Universe (10.21.14)

It’s just a phase – all of it; from each one second to the next,
up to the blink of a lifetime, and every joyous or challenging moment
in between. The series of events of your life are all connected in one
succession of movement after the other. Step back and see how it’s
evolved and then continue forward by putting one foot in front
of the other. You already know it is all temporary…and why.
It’s just a phase; nothing more.
The Universe (10.22.14)

This time-thing which you created IS kind. Look what it’s done for you:
It has healed, renewed, made you wise, revealed secrets, and most
importantly, allowed you to see reality. Please don’t think time is a
bad thing – time *always* works in your favor. Watch.
The Universe (10.23.14)

I’d like to make one thing perfectly clear; love is the complete and
total essence of your being. You are it; you have an unlimited amount
to use and an equally unlimited amount to share. Grab some and pass it
around. It’ll be good for you…and the results will be ridamndiculous.
The Universe (10.24.14)

Completely unexpected and out of left field; yep, that’s how I do it.
I just love seeing the look on your face. Surprise!
The Universe (10.25.14)

I hope you feel better than you did yesterday; because you are. You are
brighter and smarter and kinder and even more beautiful. I see this so
clearly and I am so glad you are here doing what you do. It is the great
fact about living in this Universe…as opposed to a different one.
(Sometimes I just crack myself up.)
The Universe (10.27.14)

If you are done, be grateful for the experience and the lesson.
Wash your hands, do not pick it back up again, and go back out and play.
…and play well with others.
Tag, you’re it.
The Universe (10.28.14)

Just for today, let’s try a little experiment: with great intent,
know the reality of perfection for one of the others…
even if you don’t know them. Occasionally, your focus of
love and faith of healing for another is easier to pull off than for
yourself. Someone will also be doing it for you. Trust me, it works.
Check back in with Me later (and often),
The Universe (10.29.14)

Feeling stalled? You aren’t. That’s simply a temporary notion;
like the build-up before a take-off. If you want to accelerate the
process, create a plan and take some action…any action.
Then hold on and appreciate the ride.
Like I always say, good things come to those who take action.
The Universe (10.30.14)

Big day today (but then they all are). Please remember and treasure
every moment and know that things are already perfectly in place.
Oh, be there for the others as well and ink me in whenever you’d like.
The Universe (10.30.14)

I’m beginning to feel an increase in the hum and buzz from all of you.
I love this! You got your new weather, you got your holidays, and you
got this increased feeling of concern for the others. THAT is what
I’m lovin’ about all this hum and buzz. Go big with it. These are very
Good Vibrations,
The Universe (11.03.14)

Still waiting for a sign? It’s there. Actually there are more signs
than you can count, always and everywhere around you.
And the one you think you need and want so badly? It is right in front
of you. Stop, be still, get centered, and trust yourself.
You’ve got this one; I promise.
This is a good sign,
The Universe (11.04.14)


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